Archived Articles & Publications

Who Says that There Is No Risk for the General Contractor of Construction Manager?, by Mike Sams – For The Defense,  June 2015

A Review of the A1A 201 and ConsensusDocs, By Mike Sams and Amanda Cox – In-House Defense Quarterly

First Circuit Court of Appeals Insurance Coverage Win – Lawyers Weekly Article, September 2015

Risk Management Program…A Review of Recent Significant Cases, By Michael P. Sams

Michael Sams’ article, Don’t Let Building Green Leave You In The Red, was recently published in Construction Executive Magazine.

Did I really Say That?: Massachusetts High Court Says Deposed Witnesses Can Later Change Narratives, Explain Responses, and Completely Reverse Answers.

Relief For Design Professionals — Mechanics Liens

Prevailing Wages: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Reservation of Rights Letter — The Insurer’s Prenuptial Agreement With Its’ Insured, by Michael P. Sams

Trial Techniques & Tactics by Christopher A. Kenney for the International Association of Defense Counsel

Stand Your Ground

Social Networking and the Workplace

Lien On Me: Landlords beware, your tenant’s contractors can lien your ownership interest

Stay “Posted” On Facebook’s Impact On Employment Law

Massachusetts federal district court holds that an insurance company cannot recoup defense costs from an insured

Michael Sams recently was featured in an article, “Appeal Board’s Authority At Stake in Windmill Fight” in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

The Independent Contractors Statute Rears Its Ugly Head… Again

CORI Law Reform – Know Your Obligations Or Face Civil And Criminal Sanctions

The Prompt Pay Statute

One Man’s Virtue Is Another Man’s Downfall

New Continuing Education Requirements for the Construction Supervisor’s License

Are Local Residency Requirements Legal?

The employee handbook: Friend or foe?

Construction Owner Personally Liable For Construction Defaults Warranting c.93A Damages; Lienholder Denied Claim Because Resulting Damages Meant No Money Due To Contractor At Time Of Lien.

Amendments to Rule 56 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

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